To reach the unreached villages in India.

To save the lost and serve the poor and needy at any cost.
To plant the Churches in every village.

To establish the Bible College in order to produce fully devoted Disciples of Christ.


Thanks to the Lord for being given this opportunity and this is the Honor for us to share with you how God is working with us through our Ministry. You shall be inspired to the part of making an impact in world. Living Hope Ministries is a non-profit, Christ Centered, Bible based and service oriented organization committed to reach every village in India for Jesus, with its humble beginning in 2002, LHM Founder and Director Bro. Kiran Kumar Devarapalli, shares his story of how God took a simple man and transformed him into a man who inspires others with God’s vision. 
         Blessings in the Holy name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The LHM is a Family of believers, bound together by the unconditional love of Jesus, with a strong ambition to reach all over India through the life – changing Gospel of Christ. We have seen God moving through these years in our Ministry and we carry along with us so many praise reports of God changing lives and destinies of thousands of hurting People, not only here but also at our neighboring places through out India. Receive an impartation too by identifying in a way with this Ministry.

May God Bless as we do His Service together
Bro. Kiran Kumar & Saritha Smith.
I must preach the king-dom of God to the other cities also;        - Luke - 4 : 43                                              A (good) name is rather to be chosen than great riches; loving favour rather than silver and gold. - proverbs - 22 : 1                                                My righteousness I hold fast, and will not let it go;     - Job - 27 : 6                                                  Who, contrary to hope, in hope belived, so that he became the father of many nations.     - Roma - 4 : 18                                                For I, Johovah, thy God, hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, fearnot; i will help thee; - Isaiah - 41 : 13
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